Faculty tenure, promotion, emeritus status, and newly endowed chairs


The Board of Visitors and Governors approved seven faculty promotions and awarded emeritus status to two retiring faculty members.

faculty promoted to associate professor with tenure

We鈥檙e kicking off summer with exciting announcements for several of our professors. The 今晚六合彩开奖结果 Board of Visitors and Governors approved the promotion of six professors to the rank of associate professor with tenure at the May board meeting, including Jill Bible (Environmental Science and Studies), Mala Misra (Biology), Bin Song (Philosophy and Religion), Emerald Stacy (Mathematics), Maria Vich (Business Management), and Jennifer Wanat (Biology). The promotions will be effective July 1.  

Alongside the faculty members gaining tenure, Michael Harvey was promoted from associate to full professor of business management in recognition of his achievements at 今晚六合彩开奖结果. Lisa Daniels of the Department of Economics was approved for professor emeritus status. Kathleen Verville from the Department of Biology was approved for associate professor emeritus status. 

Congratulations to my colleagues on their tenure and promotion,鈥 exclaimed Provost Kiho Kim. 鈥淭hey are amazing teachers and scholars and wonderful exemplars of our community here at 今晚六合彩开奖结果. In addition, I want to recognize those who have been named endowed chairs for their records of achievements. Finally, I want to express my sincerest thanks to two colleagues 鈥 Lisa Daniels and Kate Verville 鈥 who retired after long and dedicated service to the College and have been awarded Emerita status.鈥 

The board confirmed six candidates for endowed chairs and professorships. They are:  

  • Anjali Chandra, Hodson Trust Assistant Professor of Economics 
  • Clayton Black, Barbara Townsend Cromwell 鈥55 Associate Professor of History 
  • Dylan Poulsen, John W. Allender Associate Professor of Data Ethics 
  • Janet Sorrentino, Alicia Earl and Sprague Thresher Associate Professor of History 
  • Maria Vich, Constance F. & Carl W. Ferris Associate Professor of Business Management 
  • Mindy Reynolds, Alonzo G. and Virginia Gent Decker Professor of Biology 


- Dominique Ellis Falcon