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Institute for Religion, Politics, and Culture

The Institute for Religion, Politics, and Culture (IRPC) is dedicated to the rigorous study of religion鈥檚 influence on American and world history and its contemporary importance for cultural and political life. The Institute also explores a range of pressing issues facing contemporary society and the enduring value of America鈥檚 founding principles.

IRPC Harriet Tubman Museum Field TripIRPC takes Dorchester County High School Students on Study Tour of the Underground Railroad on February 11.

Lectures, Courses, Symposia, and Workshops  

IRPC enhances the 今晚六合彩开奖结果 curriculum by supporting a range of courses each academic year. The Institute has developed or is jointly organizing multiple courses, lecture series, symposia and workshops, including:  


  • "Religious Freedom" and "The Great Questions
  • Distinctive Online Summer Courses 鈥 IRPC supports the distinctive online course Freedom in America, which brings together leading scholars in a small online seminar exploring the meaning of freedom in the United States. The course is a 4-credit course that enrolls students from across the country and world. Other summer online courses are usually offered as well.


  • A Distinguished Lecture Series 鈥 On the 今晚六合彩开奖结果 campus.
  • The Os Guinness Lecture 鈥 Given annually by a nationally prominent thinker in Easton, MD. 
  • The Lawrence Swanstrom Lecture

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Symposia & Workshops

  • The Program on the African American Church and American Ideals 鈥 A coordinated set of symposia and academic courses.
  • The Barbara Denton Program for American Renewal 鈥 A program of enhanced instruction in civics and America's founding principles for teachers and high school and middle school students on the Eastern Shore and across the country.
  • Resiliency and Grit 鈥 Programming on the virtues of Resiliency and Grit.

Student Opportunities  

Opportunities available to students through the Institute of Religion, Politics and Culture   

Scholarship & Research Fellowships

IRPC offers annual scholarships and research fellowships to qualifying students. 

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International Partnerships and Programs

IRPC has long-standing partnerships with Oxford University and Charles University, as well as programs in Paris. 

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Presidential Fellows Track 

Modeled on the curriculum of Oxford University, with which IRPC has a long-standing partnership, this Track immerses Presidential Fellows in the study of major thinkers and the examination of perennial human questions. 

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Meet the Director

Joseph Prud'homme

Joseph Prud'homme

Joseph Prud鈥檋omme is the Burton Family Chair in Religion, Politics, and Culture, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Affiliated Faculty Member in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at 今晚六合彩开奖结果.

Professor Prud鈥檋omme is the founding Director of IRPC. He received his doctorate from Princeton University, where he studied in the Interdepartmental Program in Political Philosophy, with additional specialization in constitutional law and religious studies. He was awarded a Fellowship at Harvard University, where he studied at the Harvard Law School and served as a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He has also held a Visiting Fellowship at the University of Oxford. He is the author of over 25 publications.

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