Lifelong Learning

    Enjoy a lifetime of personal discovery and wellbeing through these community gateways. 

    Academy of Lifelong LearningJoin our academyEnroll in courses for fun.

    Alumni Travel ProgramTravel the worldGo places with faculty.

    Wellness RetreatHealth & wellbeing Reach your wellness goals.

    Meet Our Team

    Life Skills

    Students explore their role as participants in the natural world through our Campus Garden program and Permaculture Internship. We maintain an educational site through our Compost Program to support the soil food web that leads to nutrient dense foods and environmental resilience. Our Beekeeping Program helps students serve as ambassadors and advocates for our pollinator allies. 

    Nourishing Community  

    We offer courses and wellness retreats focused on nutritional education, physical movement, and mental health activities, such as mindfulness and meditation, throughout the year. These offerings are available to individuals of all ages seeking time for personal growth and discovery, time for reflection and/or relaxation.

    What We Do

    We link intergenerational travel and courses through Alumni Relations and the Academy of Lifelong Learning to deepen connection with self, community, and a life fully realized in the present moment. 

    We offer programming to equip students of all ages with lifelong skills and community bonds to live a life free of chronic disease while strengthening emotional and physical health.