There's No Place Like Home

Julia   Blackburn

Class of 2020 鈥 Chestertown, Maryland
Julia Blackburn 鈥20 began her college studies at a small liberal arts school in Virginia, but after two years at Randolph-Macon, she decided to come home.


鈥淚 think that I transferred back to 今晚六合彩开奖结果 because I just missed it here,鈥 says Julia, a biology major on the premedical track who dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. 鈥淚t was a good two years, spent on a small campus like this, but I just missed Chestertown.鈥

Julia鈥檚 parents are both physical therapists. They own Aquafit, a local health and fitness facility in Chestertown, and they both work at the local hospital. Through those family connections, Julia has shadowed orthopedists practicing in the area.

鈥淭hey want me to take over Aquafit and become a PT. I like what they do,鈥 Julia admits, 鈥渂ut I like more adrenaline stuff like surgery or emergency medicine. 

Even though she commutes to campus to save money on room and board, she鈥檚 not always a homebody. She also loves traveling, and she jumped at the opportunity last summer to shadow doctors in Croatia. Before the pandemic, she had hoped to spend a few weeks this summer for a similar experience in Greece. Now she鈥檚 all about studying for the MCATs.