Amanda Mede
Amanda Mede

Finding Her Thread

Amanda  Mede

Class of 2020 鈥 Orlando, Florida
On campus Amanda Mede 鈥20 is a kind, welcoming, genuine spirit, always ready to lend an ear. Majoring in psychology with a dual concentration in behavioral neuroscience and clinical/counseling, Amanda often finds herself helping others.

On campus Amanda Mede 鈥20 is a kind, welcoming, genuine spirit, always ready to lend an ear. Majoring in psychology with a dual concentration in behavioral neuroscience and clinical/counseling, Amanda often finds herself helping others. 

鈥淢y friends send people to me telling them, 鈥榊ou might not know her, but she can help you.鈥欌 Amanda says, 鈥淢y friends always come to me for advice, even with things I haven鈥檛 experienced and I always help them; ever since then I wanted to be a psychology major.鈥 

During a Peer Mentor workshop at the Career Development Center, Georgina Bliss spoke about developing strengths and 鈥渇inding your thread鈥. Amanda realized that not only did she want to major in psychology, she wanted to mentor and positively influence those around her. 

Amanda developed her mentorship skills with an internship at Radcliffe Creek school, where she interned for two years, and is currently considering a job offer. Amanda鈥檚 internship began by running a transition committee where she helped 8th graders prepare for high school. 

鈥淎typical and typical students learn differently in this secluded area than they would at a traditional public school,鈥 she said in regards to the importance of the committee.  

Quickly Amanda was given more responsibility, working one-on-one with students and teaching mediative classes. She ended her internship as a library assistant, where she helped atypical students pick out books.  

鈥淚 guided students in the right direction, making sure they were not reading on a level that was too low or too high for them.鈥 Amanda continued, 鈥淚 genuinely loved it so much, it was the best place ever. The only reason I鈥檓 not there this year is to focus on my senior thesis.鈥 

On campus Amanda is a Peer Mentor, acclimating first year students to WC and Vice President II for her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, where she welcomes and mentors new members. 

"It felt so good to meet the new member class and mentor the girls and guide sisters. I was a middle ground, I knew the current sisters and I made a personal connect to all of the new members. That made it really fun to make activities for sisterhood nights and bonding activities and see everyone get along."

Amanda says both positions strengthen her leadership skills and teach her to be unbiased and discreet handling confidential information. 

鈥淲hen people come to me with situations I always try not to give them the answers, but guide them in the right direction. I rather guide someone than have them be like 鈥楢manda said I must do this and must do that,鈥 because that鈥檚 wrong. I want everyone to learn to make their own decisions.鈥 

After graduation, Amanda hopes to work in a middle school or high school, where she believes children are influenced the most. 

鈥淚 feel like middle school and high school are where people get bullied the most, being pressured to make friend groups, and start to make life decisions. That is also the time parents are trying their best to save money to pay for college and might not be as involved, and that can affect the child鈥檚 behavior so I want to be guidance for those kind of students.鈥 

Amanda's Four Year Plan

Year 1

Favorite ClassSpTp: Human Sexuality

鈥淚t was a really good class for my freshman year. That's when you realize you鈥檙e adults who want to have freedom. Dr. Spilich was like, 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay to be sexually active, it鈥檚 okay to be who you want to be, but at the same time, these are the consequences of what might happen. It was an eye opener. That's when I realized the school has an environment where faculty cares about you. I realized you aren鈥檛 just a number, you鈥檙e a name.鈥

Year 2

Learn By DoingRadcliffe Creek School Intern

鈥淭hey allowed me to work in the classrooms with atypical and typical students. I did one-to-ones with students who were behind in class, so that they could still get their work done and allow teachers to be on time with their schedules. During recess we鈥檇 hang out for 10-20 minutes and catch up on whatever work they were missing or whatever else was going on.鈥 

Year 3

Learn By DoingVice President II, Zeta Tau Alpha

鈥淚t is the best thing that ever happened to me. It strengthened my leadership, artistic and creative skills. I鈥檓 planning our Bid Day celebration for the spring and I just finished designing the tee shirts!鈥

Year 4

Learn By DoingSenior Capstone Experience: The Effects of Background Music on Memory Recollection

Inspired by a friend with amusia who cannot study around music, Amanda is researching the relationship between music and memory. Amanda will be conducting an experiment with subjects repeating a visual task and variations of music to see what combinations lead to the best results. 鈥淚鈥檓 hoping that we see that music does positively affect memory collection, and that speed and tone may have a big effect on how people remember certain aspects or tasks.鈥