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Starr Center Internships


The Starr Center funds over 30 paid student internships and positions each semester with the mission of providing students with experiential and integrated learning opportunities that bolster both academic experiences and professional development. The internship program seeks to offer students a clear and tangible pathway toward advancement outside the class room, providing opportunities and incentives for students to participate in skills-training, professional development, and leadership activities.

During the summer, students have opportunities through our Explore America Summer Internship program to work at some of the nation鈥檚 leading cultural institutions. Past locations have included five different Smithsonian museums, the National Aquarium, the Library of Congress, the Apollo Theater, the Human Rights Campaign, the U.S. House of Representatives, and many others. In addition to providing paid jobs (up to $5,000 summer stipends) and valuable experience, Explore America Internships introduces students to mentors who sometimes change the course of their lives.

Student internships cover a broad range of disciplines including archiving, oral history, digitization, exhibition curation, videography, photography, journalism, communications, website development, and sound engineering. Students from all majors engage in internships with the Starr Center; from history to chemistry, business to English, the Center offers a variety of opportunities to all 今晚六合彩开奖结果 students. 

Featured Starr Center Internships

Working with Community Historians Airlee Johnson and Carolyn Brooks, intern(s) will help build an oral history project focused on the African American experience in Kent County. Interns will work together with African American residents in Kent County to record remote oral history interviews and process the materials for archival purposes. Interns will also select and interpret audio excerpts from the interviews pairing them with written reflections and images to highlight on our website鈥檚 .

Working with the Starr Center鈥檚 Digital Historian & Archivist, Jasmyn Castro, students will digitize and catalogue photographs, film, and written documents related to African American history and culture in Kent County; safely handle and store archived files; and capture important information related to the materials for better understanding and interpretation in the future. Interns might also develop written reflections on these digitized materials to highlight on our website鈥檚 .

Interns will work to better document the African American experience on 今晚六合彩开奖结果 College鈥檚 campus across the 20th and 21st centuries. This will include recording oral history interviews with African American alumni from 今晚六合彩开奖结果 and creating a digital exhibit to highlight articles from the 今晚六合彩开奖结果 Elm documenting the African American experience.
Interns will process and archive previously recorded oral history interviews conducted with participants who have memories of the WWII American Home Front.
Working in collaboration with the Starr Center and Mid-Shore Pro Bono, this intern will provide administrative support to a busy non-profit legal services provider. Applicants must be highly fluent in Spanish and develop a presentation on their professional experience at the end of the semester.

Working with the Starr Center Director, Members of this team will identify 鈥渢reasures鈥 of Kent County鈥檚 African American history, specifically documents and artifacts 鈥 especially from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries 鈥 that speak eloquently to the broader past and present. Team members will conduct their own research and work with members of the broader community to tease out the stories embedded in these treasures, sharing them online with the public as part of .