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Meet Our Team

The Advisory Board of the Center for Environment & Society is integral to planning and furthering the mission of the Center.

Members constitute an active and dynamic group, working to:

  • advise and recommend programming and Center direction
  • provide knowledge, expertise, encouragement, and support to the Center
  • serve as a conduit for supplies, speakers, and events
  • facilitate the work of the Center by ensuring open and honest representation, creating a climate of consensus
  • promote good will and trust within the community of interest and the community at large
  • act as a liaison between politicians, organizational staff, members of the public, and other stakeholders
  • provide and/or help solicit financial support for the Center, commensurate with individual means and circumstances
  • assist the Center in securing the other resources needed to enhance the Center鈥檚 capabilities and programs
  • assist the College leadership to ensure the Center鈥檚 stability.


  • Ms. Ann Horner, Chair
  • Mr. Marc G. Bunting
  • Mr. Clinton Daly
  • Mr. Nick Armentrout
  • Mr. Ted Bauer
  • Ms. Caroline Gabel
  • Dr. Thomas Gale
  • Mr. Alan Griffith
  • Mr. Jay Griswold
  • Dr. Karl Kehm
  • Mr. Matthew Mullin
  • Mr. John Poulton
  • Dr. Henry Sears

Emeritus Members