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Who We Are

Whether mentoring high school students (above), empowering Black student organizations, or helping transgender students find their place, students, faculty, and staff are working hard to foster a greater sense of inclusiveness and equity on campus.

Joining hands with administrators and student groups, the Diversity Committee of students, faculty, and staff has become a powerful voice for cultural change on campus and in the greater Chestertown community. 


Who We Are

Professor N. Garcia [SoSci-24], Co-Chair
Mr. A. Crabtree [Disability Access Specialist], Co-Chair
Professor S. Conlin [NSM-SP22]
Professor F. Hickel [AL-SP 22]
Director of Intercultural Affairs, Tricia Biles (acting)
Director of Human Resources, Vacant
Ms. A. Mosley [SCA-22]
Mr. E. Clayton [SCA-24]
Nali Gowon [Student]
Mariama Keita [Student]
Esmeralda Chavez Jiminez [Student]
Assoc. Dean R. Moreno Orama
Diversity Liaison [vacant]

African Student Union

Black Student Union

Campus Christian Fellowship

Chinese Club

Cleopatra's Sisters

D.R.E.A.M.  (Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring)鈥

EROS (Encouraging Respect of Sexuality)

French Club

German Club


Muslim Student Association

Spanish Club

 S.A.G.E. (Supporting All Gender Experiences)

Veterans at WAC