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Publications and Research


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Peer-Reviewed Book Series

Our peer-reviewed book series 鈥 今晚六合彩开奖结果 Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture 鈥 now includes 18 books by an internationally prominent academic press. Last February, the IRPC held a book launch event for our latest book at Busboys annd Poets in 今晚六合彩开奖结果, D.C. Attendees included 今晚六合彩开奖结果 alumni and faculty, and faculty from American University. 

Research and Publications completed by IRPC Director Joseph Prud'homme (2021-2022)  

Joseph Prud鈥檋omme is The Burton Family Chair in Religion, Politics and Culture; Associate Professor of Political Science; and Affiliated Faculty in Religious Studies.  

Works Published in 2021-2022

  • A Renewed Chastity for a New Era: An Aretaic Response to Contemporary Pornography. A chapter in 鈥淪exual Ethics in a Secular Age: Is There Still a Virtue of Chastity?,鈥 published by Routledge Press. This book resulted from the IRPC Virtue Ethics Conference in 2019.
  • 鈥淓xamining America鈥檚 Political Pulpit,鈥 Law and Liberty
  • 鈥淭he 鈥楪reat Dissenter鈥: Justice John Marshall Harlan the First as a Role Model of Resistance in a Post-Constitutional Age,鈥 Public Discourse

  • 鈥淕adamer, Espinoza, and the Potential of Catholic Schools: Public Virtues through Private Vouchers,鈥 Journal of Catholic Education
  • 鈥淭he Emergence of Catholic Coercion in Late Antiquity: Reconsiderations and their Relevance,鈥 Humanitas
  • 鈥淐oping with Defeat: Sunni Islam, Roman Catholicism, and the Modern State,鈥 Journal of Church and State
  • 鈥淭he Cultural Psychology of Religion and Political Ideals: Political Liberalism as a Protoevangelium?,鈥 Psychology Open
  • Chapter on Political Thought, 鈥淚ntroduction to Political Science,鈥 ed. Mark Carl Rom, Georgetown University. Rice University Press
  • Chapter on Institutions, 鈥淚ntroduction to Political Science,鈥 ed. Mark Carl Rom, Georgetown University. Rice University Press

Works Submitted for Peer-Reviewed Publication 

  • A defense of patriotism, to come out in late 2022
  • Submission to The Journal of Church and State: a critique of Everson v Ewing Township, the foundational case espousing strict church-state separationist jurisprudence
  • Accepted for Forthcoming Publication: A piece on religion and education and the expansion of school choice, titled 鈥淎 New Birth of Freedom in Unsettled Times,鈥 in Palgrave Handbook on Church and State, to be published in late 2022, which will be purchased by libraries and scholars worldwide.

Under Contract

  • A special edition on the history of Church and State in the journal Religions
  • Four book proposals:

    • 鈥淎 Fortress Free of Fear: George 今晚六合彩开奖结果鈥檚 Political Philosophy鈥攁 Contemporary Defense鈥
    • 鈥淭he Bold and Precarious Work of Reason: Kantianism, Moral Apologetics, and Western Secular Societies鈥
    • 鈥淐onservatism and Its Critics鈥
    • A co-authored edited volume, 鈥淩eligious Extremism and Political Culture in Contemporary Asia鈥

As Director of IRPC, Professor Prud'homme has participated in and lent expertise over the past year to: 

  • The Philadelphia Society
  • The Save Our States advisory board which advocates for maintaining the Electoral College
  • The developing Maryland Family Council, as an advisory board member
  • Xavier University, as guest lecturer on The Federalist Papers 
  • The Institute for Humane Studies, where he secured support for a faculty workshop on Liberalism and its Critics and participated in an invitational workshop on The History of Conservatism 
  • An international conference in China (delivered via Zoom), delivering a paper on "American Political Thought" 

The National Government of the Philippines also invited Professor Prud'homme to present lectures on American Constitutionalism, but a positive COVID test prevented his attendance.