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    Gain a strong knowledge base, see the connections between biology and other disciplines, and experience the collaborative 鈥渄oing鈥 of biology.

    The Biology Department offers both a major and a minor, which provide the knowledge and skills you鈥檒l need to pursue vocations or advanced degrees in biology-related fields, including biochemistry, environmental science, neuroscience, and the health professions.

    The Department also contributes classes for students enrolled in the first-year seminar (FYS) program, distribution courses for nonscience majors, introductory level courses covering the breadth of the discipline at two levels (regular and Honors), and diverse upper-level courses for majors. Undergraduate research opportunities are available in departmental laboratories during both the academic year and the summer. Students can also participate in internships sponsored by off-campus laboratories through existing programs or those proposed by the student. A chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the national biological honor society, provides supplemental activities for students.

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    Studying biology at 今晚六合彩开奖结果 offers many unique opportunities.

    Our department has two honor societies. We have summer programs for on-campus research and experiences abroad. Many biology students also choose to do off-campus internships that give them additional practical experience.

    Student Opportunities

    Explore our research and teaching facilities.

    The Department of Biology occupies two floors on the southern end of John S. Toll Science Center鈥攁 $26 million state-of-the-art facility completed in Fall 2005. We also utilize laboratory spaces in the Semans-Griswold Environmental Hall, completed in 2019.